Knowledgeable, reliable and most important somebody who ‘delivers’

I have known Kevin for fifteen years and worked with him for the past five years. During that time I have found him to be knowledgeable, reliable and most important somebody who ‘delivers’. Kevin’s deep knowledge of the construction industry makes him an ideal candidate to use for anybody needing consultancy services in operations (including supply chains and collaboration), marketing, business and financial management, and in change management. I have been using Kevin during the past three years to deliver a Mentoring Programme within SME erector companies in the timber frame sector as part of the CITB Growth Fund activity with hugely impressive results. All those SME companies involved have valued Kevin’s involvement and benefitted both personally and as a business and the sector has improved as a result of it.

Andrew Carpenter
Chief Executive
Structural Timber Association

What the SMEs said
“The programme has been really useful. It’s helped us look at the business and our people and given us the confidence to go forward and grow.”

“We have been part of the programme which has helped us improve our professionalism in the industry, helped us to plan and improve our processes.”
“The programme has helped us re-focus, re-energise and develop the confidence to prepare for the upturn.”

“The programme has helped become a more focused and efficient company. It’s helped us improve our work/life balance.”

“The mentor and workshops have been a good introduction to contracting. Better than going to University, I’ve learnt a lot quicker! The mentor helps me move in the right direction and to find the answers to my questions.”

“We went in to the programme with low expectations and have found it surprisingly beneficial. We have increased our knowledge and have more tools and confidence to run the business effectively.”