Has helped us to become a tighter, more effective team

The concept of any form of help through Management Consultants was alien to most of the Senior Management Team. Most who participated probably didn’t know what to expect. In the event most of the team were looking forward to the process and were keen to take away learning from the diagnostic exercises, one-to-one interviews and Team Workshops.

We interviewed a number of consultants but selected Harrison Management Consulting Limited because they really understood our industry and our requirements. The two principal consultants, David Harrison and Kevin Reeves both had considerable experience at Senior Management and Director level for construction companies which helped. They provided a programme of content and duration which was based on the brief and showed a good appreciation of where the team was and where it should be. It was accompanied by a cost analysis which was easily referenced and hence approval was able to be given without undue delay.

Once the programme of diagnostic exercises, interviews and workshops commenced it was quickly evident that more flexibility on the programme was required on duration in the main but also on content. The Consultants were able to adapt to this very quickly and develop alternative proposals which were always discussed and agreed with the Client before implementation.

The style of the Consultants was appropriately provocative and robust to stimulate responses when energy levels in the room fell or ideas dried up. It is strongly believed that the synergy created between the two very different characters involved gave continual challenge and focus in what is a very demanding process and environment.

We derived a number of benefits from the programme including:

  • Increased self-awareness of preferred communication styles
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of other team members resulting in better communication, higher levels of trust and more effective meetings and discussions.
  • Improved relationships where team members felt more confident to challenge and support each other
  • A better understanding of the role and responsibility of a Director
  • Collective ownership and responsibility for contributing to and achieving the business objectives
  • A team climate tool to measure the effectiveness of the team


In conclusion, we found that the programme was stimulating, challenging and enjoyable and more importantly has helped us to become a tighter, more effective team. In addition it allowed the MD to reach a much fuller understanding of the strength and weaknesses of his team so he could plan more effectively for the future.

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