Coaching into retirement

I went to Kevin as I had recently retired from full time employment but my perception of what my retired life would be wasn’t living up to my expectations. This was partly due to the pandemic and lockdown but even the activities and passions I could still pursue were not fulfilling me in the way I thought they would do. I had been planning my retirement for some time so I found myself somewhat lost. Kevin had been recommended to me as an experienced coach. I’m a coach myself so I know how powerful coaching can be. Even after our first session I started feeling more optimistic for the future. Kevin helped me consider what a fulfilled life looks like even if it means letting go of what I thought was important. At the conclusion of my coaching journey with Kevin I now have a clear vision as to what I want my life to look like. I have moved from a position of uncertainty to one of action. I’m applying to University to do a post-grad diploma and am in the process of writing a plan for my own business. I can acknowledge and celebrate my past achievements whilst looking forward to what comes next. I would strongly recommend Kevin.

Denise Linay, ICF Approved Professional Coach