SME growth

We are delighted to be appointed once again by Clover Maintenance.  We will be working with their great and growing group of staff.  Supporting them with their individual development and the that of the company overall. Our work is enabled by the CITB skills and training fund.

Training SME Joinery business

We are pleased to announce we have been appointed to work with BY Joinery. With support from the CITB S&T fund.

Helping SMEs to develop and grow

We are delighted to confirm we have been reappointed to continue our work with Woodley’s Joinery. With support from the CITB S&T fund.

Joinery manufacturer

We are working with one of Devon’s long-established manufacturers of Windows, Doors & Staircases, Woodley’s Joinery.  They are using support from the CITB Skills and Training Fund. We are already seeing their successes in growing and developing the business.
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Growing SMEs

Growing SMEs using CITB Skills & Training Fund.

CITB Flexible Fund

We have recently been engaged by our existing clients Pury Construction and SC4 Carpenters to provide them with new support through the CITB Flexible Fund scheme.  In addition to these two members of the Structural Timber Association (STA) we are we are also supporting under the

Training and developing people in the Construction Industry

We are pleased to continue to work with David Harrison of HMCL with the training and development of people in the Construction Industry.  Reeves Consulting are delivering courses for the CITB and the ILM in Leadership and Management Practice, Construction Site Supervision and Construc

Business Consultancy for Medina Joinery and D J Newman Joinery

We are delighted to announce that once again we will be providing business consultancy to Medina Joinery and to D J Newman Joinery. This business support is under the programme of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) and is jointly funded by the Construction Industry Training Boar