Strategic Account Management Improves customer relationships and increases sales

(BiteSize) Case Study: Developing Strategic Account Management


“Reeves Consulting helped us develop a system to manage our major strategic accounts. Then they trained our staff and assisted us in changing to a new way of thinking about our clients”

The issue

colleagues reviewing strategic account management
The client had experienced growth over many years and had several major accounts. These accounts typically had various live contracts at any one time, with many staff (at different levels) in both organisations involved. These customers were the most important to the client as they contributed over 50% of their business. The client realised the need to change the way they managed these accounts to ensure continuity of work and that the customer’s future expectations were understood and served.

Having identified the problem, the client approached Reeves Consulting Limited to establish a consultancy project to develop a process whereby these strategic accounts could be managed, and a development programme to train the staff in the new way of working.

The objective of this project was to develop for the client a means to manage their Strategic Accounts and to help the senior staff to implement these changes.

Services provided by Reeves Consulting Ltd

  • Consultancy to develop a framework for Strategic Account Management
  • Development and design with the client a programme uniquely tailored to his business
  • Preparation and delivery of the Strategic Account Management staff development programme, including venues, hand-out materials and reading list
  • Planned delegate activity including identification of Strategic Accounts, creation of Strategic Account Development Plans for existing major accounts and homework exercises
  • Analysis and feedback to the Client

Key achievements

  • The Client changed the way they managed major accounts. Developing senior staff into Strategic Account Managers, and employing a logically planned method of Strategic Account Management
  • The Client widened their contact base in, and gained more knowledge about, the Strategic Account organisations

Key benefits

  • The Client became less dependent on the Directors for securing future work
  • The Client increased the volume and scope of sales within existing strategic accounts