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(BiteSize) Case Study: Developing middle managers using one-to-one coaching


Reeves Consulting really helped us establish what each member of staff needed to learn. Then very quickly they designed and developed a coaching programme that had a big impact on our people

The issue

Manager Mentoring Staff
The client organisation recognised that the individuals it had identified as future middle managers had excellent technical and professional skills. They also had some of the necessary management and interpersonal skills to be fully functional and effective in their new role. The client knew some of the areas in which the individuals needed to develop but felt they did not have the in-house expertise to fully identify all the development needs of each individual manager. The client also believed they needed the independence and expertise of a suitably qualified external consultant for delivery of the development programme which would probably be based around 1-to-1 coaching.

The objective of this consultancy project was to assess the development needs of each of the middle managers and then design and deliver a development programme through 1-to-1 coaching.

Services provided by Reeves Consulting Ltd

  • Assessment of the development needs of the staff through: 1-to-1 interviews, observation of behaviour, use of the Belbin team roles model, Honey and Mumford learning styles framework and information from the client.
  • Design of programmes to suit each individual manager.
  • Delivery of the programmes, Including: 1-to-1 coaching sessions (Face-to-face and telephone) and homework tasks.

Key Achievements

  • Each manager was assessed for their development needs.
  • 1-to-1 coaching programmes were designed for each of the middle managers.
  • Each of the coaching programmes were delivered.

Key benefits

Each of the managers showed measurable improvements in behaviour and performance resulting in an increased contribution to achieving the organisations goals.