Executive Coaching

What are Coaching and Mentoring?  The terms Coaching and Mentoring are often used interchangeably and sometimes with confusion. To be clear, they are different and are defined as: Coaching is a human development process that involves structured, focused interaction and the use of appr

Collaboration | Construction | Supply chains | Performance

Case Study: Collaborative working across supply chains
presenter giving course

Training and Development for Effective Business Presentation Skills

(BiteSize) Case Study: Developing presentation skills within organisations
colleagues reviewing strategic account management

Strategic Account Management Improves customer relationships and increases sales

(BiteSize) Case Study: Developing Strategic Account Management
research information

Research into management and leadership development needs in SMEs

(BiteSize) Case Study: Researching needs, analysing data, recommending improvement programme and piloting
Manager Mentoring Staff

Management Mentoring and Coaching | Developing employees to improve performance and behaviour

(BiteSize) Case Study: Developing middle managers using one-to-one coaching